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What is the training session like?

Even without previous teaching experience, you will be able to teach with confidence after taking our 3-step training course. It is also a great refreshing course for the experienced.

Linguage, founded in 2014 may seem like a new school. However Linguage corporate, the predecessor of the current Linguage, has a long history of offering language education services to over 400 companies including international giants such as TOYOTA or HITACHI. Combination of established know-how, manuals, and world-standard lesson materials developed based on the linguistic theory of language education is the strength of Linguage. Our instructor training system is efficient and comprehensive. Even without any previous teaching experience, you will be able to teach with confidence within 3 months.

What is the training session like?

Overview of instructor training system

STEP1  Training (25 hours/ 4-8 sessions depending on instructors’ availability)

  • The industry
  • What makes Linguage different
  • Materials (Direct English)
  • Teaching theory
  • Level 1-3
    • Dialogue section set up
    • Practice
  • Level 1-3
    • Activity section set up
    • Practice
  • Level 4-6 (optional, depending on time / instructors’ skills)
    • Differences between Level 1-3 and 4-6 lessons
    • Activity
    • Practice

STEP2  Lesson observation

Observing actual lessons of senior instructors.

STEP3  You’ll start teaching!

During 35-40 hours of on the job training you will gain practical experience and get used to our teaching style. Senior instructors will offer advice and feedback throughout the whole period – feel free to ask questions!

At Linguage we use Direct English as our lesson materials.

The Direct English system was developed by Luis Alexander, a renowned and respected educator and textbook author, especially for non-native speakers of English.
It is used in 25 countries and it has been adopted by many international companies, such as Hewlett-Packard (HP) or IBM.

Direct English system has 9 levels and is comprised of textbooks, DVDs and CDs and online content. The emphasis is on improving conversation skills and fluency through engaging drama-style short videos.

Linguage’s original teaching materials.

In addition to the Direct English materials, Linguage has created original teaching manuals and comprehensive lesson plans.

Together with our training, the additional materials, such as the Linguage lesson plan templates and lesson checklists, help our instructors teach high-quality lessons and adhere to our standards regardless of their previous teaching experience.