School Locations

HOMESchool Locations

The Linguage headquaters are based in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
We are opening new schools in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the surrounding areas.

School Locations

All Linguage schools are located within 5 minutes walk from the nearest station.

For the convenience of both students and instructors, Linguage chooses its school locations very carefully. We are particular about opening schools in locations within 5-minute walk from the nearest JR or Tokyo Metro station.
Easy commute is one of the advantages of working for Linguage!

Instructors are assigned to one school and will be working mainly at this one location. However, occasionally we will ask instructors to travel to nearby schools to stand-in for their colleagues or help out during school events. All travel expenses covered, of course!

Initial training for new instructors is usually conducted at the Shinjuku schools. On the job training locations vary.