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Handling of Personal Information for Linguage Teach English in Japan

Zenken Co., Ltd. (hereafter "This Company") commits to respect the privacy of users (hereafter "User" or "Users") of Linguage Teach English in Japan (hereafter the "Service"), and pledges the utmost care and proper handling in the management of user's personal information (as herein defined).

Handling of This Company's private information

This Company’s handling of private information shall be conducted based on the Personal Information Protection Policy.

Private Information

Personal information is any information pertaining to the individual User, including a User's name, date of birth and other such descriptions capable of specifically identifying the individual User, and information that may not, by itself, specifically identify an individual User but may easily result in the same if matched with other information.

Use of personal information

The use of personal information for the Service is stated as follows. This Company shall acquire private information from Users within a necessary range.

  1. For providing the services to Service Users
  2. For individual authorization required by the Service.
  3. For appropriate matching of people and job search information
  4. For disclosing private information to companies and entities utilizing the Service predicated on User consent
  5. For delivery of notifications, news and surveys (including partial advertising) from This Company
  6. To recruit research subjects for activities such as calling for monitors, shipping of presents and creation of editorial content
  7. For smooth operation of the Service.
  8. For responding to inquiries and opinions pertaining to the Service.

Results from non-provision of personal information

Choosing not to enter required information items may result in the failure to receive the various services offered by this Service in its execution.

Disclosure of private information to Third Parties

With regard to This Company's handling of User personal information, any disclosure of said information to third parties is principally forbidden except for where such disclosure falls under the stated purpose of use. Any such disclosure shall be done only upon receiving the User's consent, the recipients of which and the content of which shall be specified. Instances when personal information can be disclosed without User consent may exist, however, to the extent that it does not violate pertinent laws.

Disclosure to group or subsidiary companies

The Service may be published under a joint name or group company.
In so doing, however, such status must be clearly inscribed, such as "○○○ Joint Classifieds" or "○○ Group (Joint recruitment)". User responses such as inquiries or applying to classified ads may involve the disclosure of personal information to all joint or group companies.

Range of third party

Third party status does not apply with regard to receiving personal information that is provided in the following cases.

  1. If This Company entrusts all or part of the handling of personal information within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use.
  2. If personal information is provided in accordance with a merger or other business succession is provided.


This Company does not take any responsibility with regard to third party acquisition of personal information in the following cases.

  1. If Users on their own volition clearly reveal personal information to specific companies either through the functions of this Service or by other means.
  2. If through the User's information activity or information entered by other users of this Service the User is inadvertently made specifically identifiable.
  3. If User personal information is provided to external services by way of links from this Service, or is utilized through such means.
  4. If those other than the Users themselves obtain information (ID/passwords, etc.) that specifically identify them as authorized Users.


This Company may consign the handling of part or all personal information to an outside party. But the selection of said consignee shall be conditional upon the consignee’s strict and sufficient observance of personal information standards, and a contract regarding the maintenance of confidentiality shall be signed. In addition, This Company shall undertake the appropriate and necessary supervision of the consignee's management of personal information under the contracted terms.

Use of statistical information

This Company shall process and utilize information or create statistical information in such a way as to not specifically identify individual Users, and will not be subject to any limitations on the use of said information. Moreover, any copyrights pertaining or accruing to said statistical information and the like shall be vested in This Company.

Management of personal information

This Company shall continuously endeavor to take all necessary technical and organizational safety measures to protect against the risk of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information. Moreover, This Company shall comply strictly with laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information, industry norms and customs, public order and morals.

Changes to handling of personal information for Linguage Teach English in Japan

This Company shall periodically review its policy for the "handling of personal information for Linguage Teach English in Japan" for the purpose of improvement. Such changes may occur without notification to Users.


This Company's policy regarding Inquiries about User personal information are as follows:

  1. Inquiries about personal information disclosed to companies using this Service
    Information that Users provide to companies utilizing this Service shall be under the direct management of This Company. Contact This Company directly for any inquiries about content revisions or deletions.
  2. Other inquiries
    For other inquiries concerning personal information, please contact: by e-mail. Please allow 5 business days for a response and procedural instructions.

Personal Information Protection Administrator

Zenken Headquarters Co. Ltd.
chief privacy officer
1-4-11 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

By laws

These bylaws will be be effective from April 1, 2015.

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