Our team

What is our team like?

If you are interested in working at Linguage, you must be interested in knowing about the team members you will work with.

Our team

Our English Teachers

Our teachers are from all over the world. Most of them are from English speaking countries such as the U.K. or the U.S.A., but some are from other countries and not native speakers of English. You can interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. There are more than 10 teachers in each school, currently more male than female. A senior instructor manages teachers under a school manager. The Japanese skill of teachers is not important since they only use English at school.

Our Japanese (English) Teachers

There are some Japanese teachers who mainly teach beginner-level students. They also take the role as the interpreter for Japanese staff and English teachers, supporting the smooth communication between team members. They sometimes double as teacher and school staff.

Our school staff (advisers)

Our Japanese staff are called advisers. They speak minimum daily life conversation level English or better, and cover various tasks from front to back office. For new students, they conduct information sessions and make lesson plans. For existing students, they make sure each student is on the right track to improve their skills, checking progress or giving appropriate advise. They also draw up the schedule for students and teachers and manage month;y tuition payment.

Our school Managers

There is one school manager assigned to each school. They manage team members, and run schools. Currently, all school managers are Japanese.

Organization Chart

Shinjuku Honkou School is also the headquarter of all schools, giving instructions to school managers of each school. Instructions are accordingly passed down from school managers to staff or senior instructors.