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What makes Linguage different from other English schools?

Linguage is a unique English conversation school offering affordable tuition in a relaxing environment. The high customer service we provide our students reflects our values. Please let us share them with you. It would be our pleasure to have you join us.

Our school?

Admission free. No advance tuition payment.

Admission free. No advance tuition payment. Linguage's unique tuiton system is designed to encourage more people to start learning English without the big initial payments. We rebelled against the fact that many well-known English conversation schools charge expensive initial fees, to compensate costs of advertisement. At Linguage, students only need to pay the actual cost of lesson materials in advance.

Monthly tuition is only 12,000 yen!

Monthly tuition for Group Lessons (4 lessons/ 1 month) only costs 12,000 yen.We are outstanding figure for offering good service for reasonable price among English conversation schools in Japan.

The longer the school hours, the merrier the students and instructors.

For both students and instructors, long school hours means that you have more chance to learn/teach.You may find other jobs that allow you to work early mornings or late nights. However, if you arelooking for teaching jobs, finding one will be difficult. Linguage opens from *7 A.M. to 10 P.M.

All locations are within 5 minutes walk from the nearest station!

As many of our students take lessons after school or work on weekdays, Linguage thinks school locations close to the station are very important. Although finding real estate properties within 5 minutes walk from the nearest station hugely depends on luck, and expensive rent is inevitable, we are very particular about keeping this criteria. We would like both students and instructors to find the school without any problems.

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We provide open and comfortable classrooms with well maintained equipment in a clean setting.

The classrooms at Linguage are open plan with partitions, keeping the space more open and connected. This is not only to avoid making students and instructors feel cramped, but also to offer a space conducive to communication and establishment of new friendship. Linguage is not just another English conversation school; it is a community – and our modern and cheerful interiors reflect that.

All the staff and instructors are very friendly and make their best efforts to create an environment for the students to get to know each other better.

Relaxed, frank and friendly relationship between team members is something we are proud of. The positive relationships between school staff, instructors and students are the most important element to maintain the school environment and offer a great place to learn. Each school is cultivating a friendly atmosphere, created by people with different characters from all over the world.
Linguage aims to offer an environment to learn communication itself, using English as a communication tool, more than simply just learning how to speak English.

About ZENKEN corporation

Linguage is managed by ZENKEN corporation. Having web marketing and media operation as its core business, ZENKEN corporation operates Linguage and Linguage corporate in the language education field. It also operates San Marie and Machikon Portal site in the marriage support field.

Zenken Corporation(Japanese)