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We have the best quality teaching methods and support system to train you!
What you need to have is the enthusiasm to sincerely encourage students and offer the best possible customer service.

job conditions

Offering a steady job in a comfortable environment is our mission.

You can choose a working shift that fits your lifestyle between 7A.M. and 11P.M.

Full time teachers spend 8 hours (7 working hours + 1 hour break) a day at school. You can choose the starting time of your shift. Part-time teachers can work at flexible times such as only in the morning or at night. At Linguage you can accommodate the working hours to fit your lifestyle.
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Excellent teaching materials and teaching manuals take away unnecessary burden.

Teachers at Linguage teach classes using textbooks and following teaching manuals. Maintaining a high level of lesson quality and keeping lessons homogeneous is the biggest reason for this policy, but also to avoid the extra burden on teachers' shoulders to design their own lesson plans. Please have your uniqueness reflected on your lesson to inspire students. Because we respect individuality, we have straight forward lesson methods that will give you more room to enjoy teaching.

You don't need Japanese speaking ability for work.

You do not need to speak Japanese to teach English. All the lessons are given in English, and bilingual staff and teachers can support you for administrative matters in English. Bilingual teachers will be in charge of beginner classes so the students can ask for some help in Japanese after class.