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FAQ's about contract types and job descriptions

About contract types and job descriptions

I have no teaching experience. Can I apply?
All new instructors will go through thorough initial training.
We also offer comprehensive and ready-to-use lesson plans.
Is the working shift fixed?
In general, the shift is fixed, but if you want to change your shift, feel free to consult the school staff.
I want to work only for a short time, like 3 months. Is it possible?
No, we don't offer short-term employment.
Is it possible to negotiate the hourly wage?
No. The starting wage is the same for everyone, but there are chances of promotion if your work performance is good.
I can only work on certain days of the week. Is that okay?
Yes, it's okay. There are a lot of instructors who are engaged in other activities. We understand that you value your personal life, so please feel free to talk to the management.
I am not a native English speaker. Can I be an English instructor?
Yes, we have instructors from all over the world.
*Minimum fluency levels required.
Can I teach at other English conversation schools too?
Yes, many of our instructor take other part time work in other schools.
Here's a typical day of English instructor at Linguage.