Remuneration varies depending on the position. Please check the contracts, salaries and fringe benefits for FT, SFT and PT.


*Currently we offer only PT and SFT positions to new hires.

Linguage offers a clear payment system.
You get paid for your work between classes, and/or *school events.

*Once/twice a month. Attendance optional.

Linguage pay for both lesson time and time between classes. The duration of 1 lesson is 40 minutes, followed by 10~20 minutes intermission. This is break time for students, but is time to clean up, write reports and get ready for the next class for instructors. We encourage students to communicate with advisors, staff and instructors during break time to maximize improvement and motivation, so instructors may need to talk with them while doing other tasks. We recognize all these as your work and thus pay for them regardless of your work position.
Instructors have separate break time according to Labor Standard Act.
Attending the school events once or twice a month is also the subject of payment, but attendance is optional.

Linguage do not make instructors

  • work off-hours, preparing lessons or grading.
  • promote sales of lesson materials for students during break time.
  • attend school events involuntarily.