Hello from Holland!(英語版)




Hi Everyone!
My name is Joey, and I was born in Amsterdam, Holland.
I came to Japan in March 2016, and have worked at Linguage since June 2016.
Over the past 4 years I have met many great students, staff members and teachers.
I made some good friends at Linguage.


As I mentioned before, I was born in Holland.
Holland has a long history with Japan and was involved in trading with Nagasaki.
You can still find little pieces of Dutch culture in Nagasaki.
Holland is famous for several things, and usually my students will tell me they know about tulips.
Holland is also famous for cheese, for example Gouda.
We are also a very big fan of sports, specifically soccer.
Names like Johan Cruijff are well-known to sports lovers around the world.
Traditional famous food in Holland are potatoes.
Some families would eat potatoes every day, like the Japanese eat rice.
Nowadays, Holland has become multi-cultural, and every country’s cuisine is available in most cities.
Especially sushi has become a trend over the last few years.
Of course, this sushi is not as good as the sushi in Japan ?.


In my free time I enjoy watching movies and tv-shows.
I can enjoy any movie genre, but I am generally not a big fan of romance.
My favorite actor is Johnny Depp,
and I am a fan of directors like Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick.
I also spend a lot of time with my son, who is now 2,5 years old. He is amazing!
If I need some time to relax, I enjoy playing video games and listening to a good podcast or some music.
I like listening to Classic Rock, EDM, and any other kinds.
My favorite singers are Steven Tyler and Johnny Cash.


Hello from Holland!(英語版)