Japan is a good place to travel to as well!

Hello again! It’s Ryan from Yokohama school!
Today I wanted to talk a bit about travelling.
What kind of travel you may ask? Travel within Japan!


The reason I decided to write about this

Now you may wonder why the heck I am talking about travelling within Japan since you may think there is nothing here and that every other country seems way more exciting.
While of course other countries may have their charm and beautiful spots, it is also true that Japan is home to many of the worlds most beautiful spots, many of which are unesco world heritage sites that are famous around the world.
The reason I decided to write about this is because I think many people aren’t aware of the beauty that exists in Japan.
When I used to work as a kid’s conversation school, I would make a poster about me to shows parents who came to watch my lessons. On the poster, I would have many pictures of my travels in Japan, but parents would always ask me where those pictures were taken.

Many parents thought they were from Canada or some other place and were completely shocked to learn that they were places around Tokyo such as Izu, mount Takao, and Nikko.



This summer trip in japan

This summer and last summer I took 2 trips around the northern parts of Japan including Tohoku and Hokkaido.
Both of these areas are full of amazing mountains, oceans, marshland and traveling natural beauty as well as fantastic architecture.

Some of the most amazing places on my trip to Tohoku included Oze national park, Matsushima in Sendai and Yamadera in Yamagata.
For people who enjoy onsens, Kusatsu onsen and ginzan onsen were beautiful places to visit as well.



Japan is a good place to travel to as well!


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