How to Order in a Cafe Overseas★

Hello, this is Danielle from Yokohama School.

Ordering at a cafe can be very confusing.
Let’s talk about different types of drinks and how to customize your order in English!

Types of Drinks

The most common drink to order is a latte.
A latte is simply espresso, steamed milk, and a little foam.
Cappuccinos are very similar to lattes but have more foam and less milk.
If you want extra foam, order a “dry cappuccino.”

Flat Whites are an Australian espresso drink that has become very popular.
They are similar to lattes but have less foam and a stronger espresso taste.
If you prefer a stronger tasting drink, I recommend trying a flat white.

If you prefer no milk, I recommend ordering an Americano.
An Americano is a water and espresso.

Customizing Your Drink : Caffeine and Syrups

You can order espresso by the number of “shots.”
If you would like more caffeine, ask for “an extra shot of espresso.”
If you would like to add one shot of espresso to your coffee for extra energy, ask for a “red eye.”
If you would like a coffee with two shots of espresso, ask for a “black eye.”
If you don’t want caffeine, ask for “decaf.”
If you’d like less caffeine, you can order “half caff.”
The barista will use half caffeinated and half decaffeinated coffee or espresso.
If you would like flavored syrup (ex: vanilla, hazelnut), ask for a “pump” of the flavor (ex: “One pump of vanilla”).

Types of Milk

If you want milk with full fat, order “whole milk.”
If you would like milk with less fat, order "2%.”
For no fat, ask for “nonfat” or “skim milk.”
Many cafes usually have “half and half,” which is half creamer and half milk.

Good luck with your coffee order and please enjoy cafes overseas!


How to Order in a Cafe Overseas★