How to improve your English

Yo yo! It's me! Ryan! From Yokohama school!
How's it going? Hopefully good!
Are you looking for some easy ways to improve you English?
Then I got a treat for you!
Here are some simple but effective tips you can use to improve the way you learn and study that I also try to use for learning Japanese.

Put your pride aside!

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest reasons it's difficult for adults to learn a new language is a pride.
The desire to already be the best and to not make any mistakes stunts a lot of growth when it comes to learning.
If you refuse to speak due to the fear of making a mistake or being embarrassed, then it’s much more difficult to move forward with your studies.
Break down the walls and open yourself up!

Be willing to accept criticism and learn from others

Tying in with the previous tip, this one also includes a willingness to accept that you don’t already know everything there is to know about English.
While speaking, especially during a higher level class time, teachers or your native friends may offer you some more correct or natural ways to say what you want to say.
Try not to be offended! The person is offering you some good advice to improve your speech and ignoring that advice isn’t very productive.
Take a moment to write down or try to remember the phrase you were taught and to repeat it the natural way.
It’s a great way to improve your fluency.

Practice what you learn in conversation with others.

Now that we’ve put our pride aside and became open to criticism from others, you should have learned some new tips and wrote them down to try and remember.
Now it’s time to use that knowledge! Practice what you learned with your friends or your teacher to help you remember and retain what you learned.
This is good for long-term use and getting used to the natural flow of communication.
If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! All of these will increase your overall fluency!
I hope you give these tips a chance in your English learning! Until next time, keep on fighting the good fight!


How to improve your English