Student Interview: Michio from Yokohama School

Hello, this is Danielle from Yokohama School.
I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with my student Michio about his experiences at Linguage.
I would like to share our conversation with you!

Please tell introduce yourself

My name is Michio Wada.
I was born and raised in Yokohama.
I’m still living in the same place.
I’ve never moved in my whole life!

I like to study.
From my school days, I did pretty well in English.
I did many homestays with Campus Crusade in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Bernardino.
It was a Christian organization that let us do a homestay for free.
I brought them Japanese souvenirs.
Every city we stayed at about ten houses each.
At first, we went to headquarters, and then went to start homestays.
We studied table manners at head office in English for one week.

What was the last Linguage event you attended?

I went to the St Patrick’s Day event in March.
We learned about St Patrick from teacher Sian.
She gave us a quiz about St Patrick’s Day.
She asked us, “Who did St Patrick spread the Gospel to?”
I answered, “the Pagans,” and won a bottle of wine.
It was a fun time.

What do you recommend to students who are attending events for the first time? What do you like best about events?

I recommend not being shy and to try everything.
I used to be shy when I was young but, but I try not to be.

Events are good for me to improve my English.
I like to meet people, so it’s a good chance.

What do you think has improved the most during your time at Linguage? What advice do you have for students who are thinking about studying English for the first time?

I think my understanding has improved.
I still have some problems with speaking.
I can understand almost all of what the teacher says and the textbook stories.

I think that for me, I like music so I like listening to English music to improve my listening.
I recommend doing your hobby in English.
If you have a chance to go abroad, that’s a great experience!

Student Interview: Michio from Yokohama School