Making the right choice

Hello! I’m Bjornar from Yokohama school.
Today, I will try to help you make the right decision when you are looking for a school to start studying English.

Why do you want to study English?

If you have decided to start studying English, you probably have a reason for it.
Whether it be business related, for traveling, speaking to your best friend’s foreign boyfriend or just a new hobby, you have to find a school that suits your needs.

To find out which school has the most suitable lesson format for you, you have to take a trial lesson.
If you come for a trial lesson at Linguage Yokohama, I am confident that we can help you reach your goals.
So first, find out why you want to learn English, and then pop in for a trial lesson at Yokohama school and tell us.

Learning should be fun

There are so many English schools to choose among, with professional, native speaking instructors.
The quality of English among the instructors at different schools is more or less the same.
But learning a language is not magic, so if you make your choice based on the teacher’s resume, that does not guarantee success.

Learning English is a long-term commitment, and therefore it is important to stay motivated.
It’s hard work, so it also has to be fun and rewarding.
At Linguage Yokohama school, studying is not just about taking the lessons every week.
We give you many opportunities to use English in a more relaxed and fun setting, for example by joining our monthly parties, or just spending time at the free talk table, talking to teachers and other students about whatever you like to talk about.

English isn’t just English

English is one language, but it comes in many variations.
Because English is a world language, the accents of English are plentiful.
It is spoken as a mother tongue in countries from the far west to the far east, but it is also spoken by people everywhere as a second or third language.

Whether it be business or traveling, or just the ability to communicate across borders, you will most likely need to get used to many different English accents to become fluent.

Another an important part of the language is culture, and the cultural differences are big even among the countries where English is the native language.
Culture affects the language, so British speakers might use words that Americans never use, and vice versa.

At Linguage, we have instructors from around the globe, so you can get used to different accents, learn special phrases from the different countries and enjoy an international atmosphere.
I think it is an important part of learning English.


Making the right choice