Tips for speaking

Hi. My name is Ryan from Yokohama school.
Let’s look at a few speaking tips to help you speak more confidently.

Use English as much as you can in your daily life

You should practice speaking as much as possible to anyone you can.
Friends or co-workers or even to yourself!
Getting used to speaking English often can make it easier for you to speak more naturally.
But make sure not to overthink things!
It’s better to keep trying and making mistakes than to stop yourself from speaking.
Making mistakes and constant repetition are the best ways to learn.

Record and listen to yourself speaking

Listening to yourself and how you sound while speaking can help you understand how others can hear you.
If something sounds confusing or difficult to understand, then you’ll know what to focus on for improvement in the future.
This is especially true if you have another source of reference for pronunciation to practice with.
Using a mirror could also help you practice mouth positions and tongue positions for practicing more difficult pronunciations such as ‘th’.

Listen and repeat

Listening to a recording that you have the script for and then trying to mimic the pronunciation could also be very useful for speaking naturally and clearly.
For example, watching the lesson video, then reading from your course book and then listening again to check your pronunciation.
As with everything, practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to put aside some time for speaking practice.

I hope these tips will help you on your journey to speaking English more comfortably and confidently.

Tips for speaking