Let’s Brunch!

Hello, this is Danielle from Yokohama School!
Today I will talk about what brunch is, what types of food are served during brunch, and where you can try brunch in Tokyo!

What is Brunch?

Brunch is a combination of the words “breakfast” and “lunch” and is typically served on weekends between 11am-3pm. Brunch started in late 19th century England and became popular in the United States in the 1930s.
Now, brunch is no longer popular in England and has become more of an American tradition.
It’s a great way to meet up with friends, relax, and enjoy a late breakfast on the weekend.

What do people eat and drink for brunch?

There are many different popular brunch foods, but the most famous would be pancakes, omelets, waffles, French toast, and fresh fruit.
My favorite brunch food is eggs benedict. Eggs benedict is an English muffin, topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce.
Many people call it “egg’s benny!”

Light alcoholic drinks are also typically served with brunch.
“Bottomless” brunch is very popular.This means all you can drink cocktails!
The most popular drink is a mimosa, which is made with orange juice and champagne.
Orange juice is also sometimes served with vodka and called a “screwdriver.”
“Bloody Mary” is also a very popular cocktail. It’s tomato juice with vodka, hot sauce, spices, and usually served with a celery stick.

Where can you try brunch in Tokyo?

There are several restaurants where you can try pancakes and other brunch foods in Tokyo, but here are my recommendations for unique and original brunch experiences!

World’s Breakfast All Day: This restaurant in Shibuya serves breakfast all day, every day of the week.
Each month, they feature a different country’s breakfast. They also decorate the restaurant for the featured country!
I have tried Cuban, British, Chinese and Polish breakfasts here.

Sarabeth’s: This is a restaurant from New York that has brunch plates and specials on the weekend.
They are famous for their fluffy French toast, but also great egg benedict!
There are many different locations in Tokyo, I recommend the Shinjuku location.

Devil Craft Hamamatsucho: Normally, this restaurant is a pizzeria that serves Chicago deep dish pizza.
On the weekends, they open earlier and service “brunch style” pizzas: pizza crust topped with eggs, veggies, and cheese.
They also make great waffles, cinnamon rolls, and breakfast burritos.
For drinks, they have great craft beer, and serve bloody maries and mimosas.

So, please invite your friends and enjoy brunch next weekend!

Let’s Brunch!