My favorite place

Hi everyone, Sian here.
Today I want to talk about one of my favorite cafes I’ve been going to recently.

It’s the perfect place!

It’s Pearl Lady located in Vivre Yokohama but they have locations all over Tokyo so you can enjoy anywhere.
They serve sweet tapioca drinks and delicious crepes.

My usual drink is Royal Milk tea which I always enjoy hot.
If it’s not busy I like to spend some time studying or catching up with my friends back home using LINE.
It’s the perfect place to hang out with your friends after you’ve been shopping all day and to rest your feet.

After drinking my tapioca it’s off to one of my favorite restaurants also located near Vivre, 豚ちんかん.
This is a Korean restaurant specializing in サムギョプサル.
I love this place for being super casual and has a great relaxing atmosphere.
I usually come here with my two best friends and we always have a great chat while sharing food together.

Do you think about my recommendations?

Be careful though as the smell of cooked pork will cling to your clothes and may take a while to wash away.
Also, the fat from the meat might splash your clothes so avoid wearing your favorite outfits as there is a high risk they might become stained.

But don’t let these worries stop you from going.
This place is seriously really affordable and super delicious.

So what do you think about my recommendations?
Will you check them out?
Have you already been?
What did you enjoy?
Please tell me in our next class!



My favorite place