Off the Beaten Path


Here are some parks I recommend

Each year, millions of tourists travel to US National Parks throughout the country for an opportunity to learn about America’s natural and cultural history and to enjoy time outdoors. Although most people know of parks such as the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, there are over 400 national parks to discover.
When I lived in America, I worked as a park ranger and had the opportunity to explore several parks in South Dakota and Wyoming. Here are some parks I recommend for the perfect outdoors getaway.


Wind Cave National Park, Hot Springs South Dakota

Although lesser known, Wind Cave National Park is the seventh longest cave in the world and has one of the most complicated designs. It is famous for having the largest amount of boxwork cave formations; a very rare cave formation seen in only a few caves throughout the world.
After seeing several types of cave formations on a ranger led tour, you can hike through the prairie and try to spot wildlife such as prairie dogs, buffalos, and elk.


Badlands National Park, South Dakota

The most famous of my recommendations, Badlands National Park is the largest protected prairie in America and is home to many animals such as the endangered black foot ferrets, big horn sheep, and prairie dogs.
Hike through the multicolored pinnacles, learn about the Native American cultural history at the Visitor Center, and check out the famous fossil beds. I recommend the Notch Trail; you can climb up a ladder and see one of the best views of the park.


Devils Tower, Wyoming

A few hours drive from Badlands National Park, Devils Tower is a unique geologic structure that’s a must see. It is famous for its unique column structures. If you are lucky, you may see rock climbers trying to climb to the summit!

There you have it, my National Park recommendations. Hope you learned something new, and happy trails‼

Off the Beaten Path