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Yaseminからのお手紙『ワーキングホリデーとサヨナラの時 Part 2』


『Working Holiday and Time to Say Goodbye (Part 2)』

How I changed after I left


But here comes the funny part: As soon as I went through the gates something in me switched and I stopped crying and felt like I matured a lot in the second I had to leave my old life behind. Leaving the place I grew up in, leaving the people who I always spend time with and leaving all the comfort, familiarity and convenience of my old life helped me to also let go of my old self. I've always been well known for being a scaredy cat and a cry baby, my family and friends made fun of me a lot because of that, but as soon as I HAD TO grow up, I feel like I did.


The longer I lived my life away from my old environment, the stronger and more self-confident I got. I think, I've never been so proud of myself. I can do so much more than I thought. I can't describe how nice and refreshing it is to finally have the courage to be the person you always wanted to be, but couldn't because you were trapped in being the person that you and others have seen you as for a long time. My mindset and my personality changed and by leaving my comfort zone I experienced character growth.


So, in my opinion, if you want to reinvent yourself, if you feel like you can be a happier person, but your environment is keeping you from growing, going somewhere new and building a new life is the best you could do. Even if it is only for a short amount of time, you would be surprised of how much more you are capable of doing. I surprised myself by doing a lot of things I thought I never could. I wish everyone could have this amazing experience. Of course it was hard in the beginning, but I don't regret doing my working holiday in Japan for one second and I like myself so much more now.


Thank you for this great opportunity. I loved being a teacher at Linguage and I’d like to come back one day. I was happy to meet you all.
Thank you Linguage no minna san :) アイラブユー



私達リンゲージ横浜校のスタッフ一同からもYaseminに“I love you”を送りたいと思います。私たちは横浜で待っているので、また一段と成長して帰ってきてね。

Yaseminからのお手紙『ワーキングホリデーとサヨナラの時 Part 2』