The Strange and Unique Foods of New Jersey


I would like to share with you famous foods from my home state New Jersey. Many of these foods are unique to the state and you will not find them in other areas of the United States; you must try these foods if you are ever in New Jersey!


Taylor Ham Sandwich

This is the most famous food, and was first made in Trenton, New Jersey over 100 years ago. It is usually eaten for breakfast, and is a hard roll with egg, cheese, and sliced “Taylor ham” a special deli sliced ham that is hard to find outside of New Jersey. It is sometimes served with hash brown potatoes, and many people put salt, pepper and ketchup on it as well! These can be found in almost any deli, and even in convenience stores or gas stations!



Fat Sandwich

These types of sandwiches were invented at a food truck at Rutgers University, and are very popular with college students because they’re cheap and filling. A fat sandwich is a sandwich made from several different types of fast food such as: French fries, onion rings, hamburgers, chicken fingers, and mozzarella sticks. Very unhealthy, but very delicious!

このサンドウィッチはニュージャージー州にある名門大学ラトガース大学のフードトラック(日本でいえばワゴン屋台)で考案されたもので、生徒たちにとても人気でした。何故ならとっても安いうえにお腹いっぱいになるから!このFat sandwichは違う種類のいくつかのファストフードがミックスされています。フレンチフライ、オニオンリング、ハンバーガー、チキンフィンガー、モッツァレラスティック!聞いてるだけでとってもアンヘルシーですね!笑 でもとっても美味しいんです♪

Disco Fries

This is a classic New Jersey diner food, and can be found in almost any diner. Similar to Canada’s poutine, these are French fries covered in chicken gravy and cheese. Diners are usually open 24 hours a day, and this is a favorite late night snack of many!

これは伝統的なニュージャージーの夜ご飯であり、ディナーでとてもよく目にするものだと思います。カナダ名物として有名なプーティーン(フレンチフライにグレービーソースとチェダーチーズをかけたもの)によく似ています。ダイナーは24時間営業のところがほとんどなので、みんな夜食としてDisco Friesを楽しんでいます!



The Strange and Unique Foods of New Jersey