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Recently, brewing(*1) craft beer has become very popular in America. Colorado, my home state, has been particularly enthusiastic(*2). Colorado has 334 craft breweries(*3)(the 2nd most of any state in the country) and it is not uncommon to find Colorado breweries listed among the best in America each year. My hometown, Boulder, has one of the highest brewery:person ratios, with 21.9 breweries for every 100,000 people. So obviously people from Colorado like their beer, but how about people in Japan? Here are a few places in Tokyo where you can find Colorado beer. If you try some, let me know what you think!


★All around Tokyo
Department stores
. Many department store shopping areas such as the Tokyu Food Show in Shibuya have a craft beer section, many of which have beers from Colorado breweries such as Left Hand(*4) or New Belgium(*5).
Blue Moon(*6). Blue Moon beer can be found all over Tokyo in restaurants and cafes.

Hiranoya Beerstand
has a changing selection of bottled beer, often with bottles from Left Hand, New Belgium, and Avery breweries.
Goodbeer Faucets has a rotating selection of tap beer(*7). Occasionally, beer from Left Hand can be found on tap.

Devil Craft
pizza restaurants feature rotating taps of foreign beer, sometimes from Left Hand or Oskar Blues.

has a changing selection of bottled beer, sometimes featuring Avery and Left Hand.

Antenna America
has a selection of American bottled and tap beer, sometimes featuring beer from New Belgium.


*1 brewing : 醸造
*2 enthusiastic:熱狂的な
*3 brewery:ビール醸造所
*4~6 Left Hand / New Belgium / Blue Moon : ビールメーカー名
*7 tap beer:生ビール

Let’s drink craft beer ! ~Nickのブログ~