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My First Bouldering Experience

Hello, this is Jade from Linguage!
I’ve always wanted to try bouldering, and a few weeks ago I finally tried it for the first time.

At first I was quite nervous, but when I got to the bouldering gym, the staff were very helpful and explained all the rules in details. I changed into my clothes and climbing shoes (which were very tight), and started climbing the easiest course on the wall. The staff were kind enough to give me advice on where to put my hands and feet while climbing.

Before I tried bouldering I thought that I had to be strong and here lots of muscles, but after I realized that I didn’t need so much strength in my arms, as you’re supposed to lift your body up with your body up with your leg muscles.
I was quite tried after trying bouldering for the first time, but it was very fun and I would definitely like to try it again soon. Hopefully next time I can try climbing a harder course!



Bouldering !~Jadeのブログ~