I love mummies !


"I love mummies…!!"と言われた時、すごくお母さんと仲良しなのかなと思ったのですが、


let’s talk about mummies!

Do you know what they are? They are popular for Halloween and horror movies. Egyptian mummies are the most popular type in movies. On Friday, July 28th, the movie, “The Mummy.” came out in Japan. It is a remake of a 1932 film. Tom Cruise plays as an archaeologist whose team wakes up a mummy in Egypt.

People usually think that mummies are only in Egypt. But, they are all around the world, even in Japan! Few people know about the Japanese mummies, but they are very interesting.

In northern Japan, about 24 self-mummified monks called “sokushinbutsu” have been found. These monks were able to do this through a strict diet and drink lacquer. Then they would be put in a pit while alive. The whole process took several years.

These mummies are currently on display in temples across northern Honshu. In Fukushima, you can see a 300 year old mummy at the Kanshuuji Temple. In Yamagata, you can see Shinnyokai-Shonin at Dainichibo Temple. Yamagata prefecture also has the oldest “sokushinbutsu” called, Honmyokai-Shonin. His nephew is also a “sokushinbutsu”.

This ritual was done for about 800 years and became illegal in the late 1800’s.

Have you ever seen a “sokushinbutsu”? Or have you seen the new mummy movie? If not, do you want to?

Pick up vocabulary

Mummy: ミイラ
Archaeologist: 考古学者
Egypt: エジプト
Monk: 僧
Self-mummified monk: 即身仏
Strict: 厳しい
Lacquer: 漆
Pit: 竪穴
Ritual: 儀式
Illegal: 違法

I love mummies !