The Newest and Most Popular Slang in 2017

Everyone knows how important it is to keep up with ongoing change of slang being used in the English language, especially among the more youthful crowd.
The following slang is the newest and most popular slang being used in 2017.
Study these so you can understand the trendy native-speakers during your next conversation!




Probably THE most popular slang being used right now is when you describe someone or something as SAVAGE.


It can be used in two different ways.
To say something is SAVAGE is to say something is outrageously cool.
“Wow, did you see his dancing? That was completely SAVAGE!”


If you describe a person as being savage or doing something savage, it means they don’t care what people think of them or their actions.
It can also be used to describe someone being crazy or insane.
“Mike Tyson is a straight-up SAVAGE.”



This one doesn’t need much of an explanation, and it’s an adaptation of many other slang words meaning the same thing.
If you are completely through with something or can’t take someone’s attitude any longer, you can say you’re DONE.
If you are in fight with someone and you just can’t even fight any longer, you’re DONE.

こちらはあまり説明の必要はなく、他の多くの同じ意味のスラングの脚色です。もし何かに没頭していたり、長い時間誰かに注意を払えないとすると、その際にあなたはDONEと言えます。もし、あなたが誰かと口論していてこれ以上続けたくないなら、 “You’re DONE.” もう終わりだと言えます。

Perhaps you have heard of the older slang of being “over it”.
“I’m DONE.” “I’m so over it!”
It means the same thing.

おそらく “over it” という古いスラングを聞いたことがあるかもしれません。
“I’m DONE.” と “I’m so over it” は同じ意味なのです。


At the moment, the fastest growing slang word being used is EXTRA.
This describes someone who is being over-the-top or just trying way too hard.
If someone is being overly dramatic, he/she is being EXTRA.
This is a good one to know because maybe it will help you realize when you’re being EXTRA.


Now that you know some of 2017’s most popular new slang, try using it the next time you’re talking to a native speaker;)


The Newest and Most Popular Slang in 2017