Dublin's fair city


Ireland is known around the world as the “Emerald Isle”, a very green country with many forests, fields, and great agriculture, and also for its world-famous alcohol such as Guinness and Jameson Whiskey.
But what else is there to Ireland? Let’s have a look at the capital city of Ireland, and what is famous or different there.

アイルランドは、広大な森林や土地、発展した農産業を有する緑豊かな国であり、「エメラルド アイル」として世界中に知られています。また、ギネスやジャムソンウィスキーといった世界的に人気なお酒でも有名です。

Dublin? What is that?

The name “Dublin” comes from the Irish phrase “Dubh Linn”, which translates as Black Pool.
This name comes from a large dark lake that was once at the meeting point of the River Liffey (the famous river which runs through the heart of Dublin) and the River Poddle.
However, if you go to Dublin you will see signs for “Baile Átha Cliath”, which translates as “Town of the hurdled Ford”.
This is the official name, but of course you will probably only hear it being called Dublin!
The majority of people in Dublin are native English speakers, so you won`t need to learn any of the Irish language to get around, but it`s definitely an interesting language to try and pick up.

ダブリンという名前は、アイリッシュフレーズの「ブラックプール」という意味の“Dubh Linn”から来ています。
しかしながら、ダブリンに行くと「ハンドレッドフォードの街」という意味の“Baile Átha Cliath”の表記を見かけるでしょう。

“The Irish like to drink”- Stereotype or an endearing characteristic?

Dublin is well known for its lively nightlife and that there are many older, traditional bars and pubs, but what many people don’t know is that there are over 1000 pubs in Dublin.
One of these pubs happen to one of the oldest in the world.
The pub known as “The Brazen Head” dates back to 1168. The Brazen Head is located near the Guinness brewery, which many believe will remain where it is for many reasons.
A popular tourist destination, a great place to visit, Guinness is reasonably priced there and its always full of happy and talkative people from all over the world.
One interesting fact about the Guinness brewery is that its lease, originally made for 45 pounds (about 5000) per year, lasts 9000 years, and won’t expire until the year 10,759.
Guinness is not going anywhere anytime soon, so enjoy!

ダブリンは 活気あるナイトライフと、古くからの伝統的なバーやパブが沢山あることでとても知られています。しかし、多くの人々が知らないのは、ダブリンには1000以上のパブがあるということです。
パブは“The Brazen Head”として知られており、その歴史は1168年にさかのぼります。
“The Brazen Head”はギネスの製造所の近くに位置し、そこには多くの信条が沢山の理由があって残っています。

Ireland: The green country? Really?

Of course, there is more to Dublin than just drinking and shopping.
Ireland is well-known as a very green country, so it isn’t a surprise that the largest park in Europe is located in Dublin city.
Phoenix Park is currently the largest urban park in Europe, and is similar in size to New York`s Central Park.
If that`s not enough to convince you, there are many, many trips from Dublin to several places around the country in order to see the natural beauty of the emerald isle, such as the cliffs of Moher, but that`s a story for another time.


That`s all for now students! I hope you enjoyed learning about Dublin`s fair city, and I`ll see you soon. Be sure to study!


Dublin's fair city