MORE SLANG from Tabitha!

Hello students, today I will write yet another blog with some great slang for you to learn!
Before reading this one though, be sure to check out my earlier blogs with other common slang and even the most popular and new slang of 2017.



"The cold shoulder"

To give someone the cold shoulder is a metaphor. It is to purposely ignore somebody.
Usually if you want to ignore someone, you will turn away from them so that they are looking at your shoulder.
Also cold can mean more than just a cold touch. It can describe something as not loving.

誰かに冷たい肩を与えるというのは、冷たくあしらうという意味の比喩表現です。(give the cold shoulder:冷たくあしらう)これは誰かを意図的に無視するということです。

"My girlfriend and I got into a fight. She’s now giving me the cold shoulder. She Won’t even reply to my texts!"


"Wrap (something) up"

The literal meaning of wrap is to cover something’s surface.
For example, you wrap a present. When used in a different context, it has a different meaning.
To wrap up something can also mean to finish or complete something.

wrap up somethingは、なにかを終わらせるという意味にもなります。

"The meeting finally wrapped up after 3 hours."
"Let’s wrap this up." (Let’s finish this now.)


"Screw up"

To screw up is a verb meaning to make a mistake, but it can also be a noun. If someone is a screw up, it means they’re someone who always makes mistakes.

screw upは間違いをするという意味の動詞です。しかし、それは名詞にもなります。もし誰かがscrew upなら、それはいつも間違いをしてしまう誰かという意味になります。

"Oh no, I screwed up and thought my lesson was today and not tomorrow!"
"This is a very important meeting at work. I can’t screw up!"


Alright, students! As I always say, make sure to come to the free-talk table sometime before or after your lesson and try and practice the new slang you’ve just learned!
Don’t worry, if you screw up we won’t give you the cold shoulder.
Time to wrap this blog up! Until next time.


MORE SLANG from Tabitha!