What people eat and drink in Britain パート1

Hi, I’m Sean.
Today we are going to look at what people eat and drink in Britain.



Food people eat in Britain differs greatly to what people eat in Japan.
For example the most common food the British culture is known for eating is fish and chips.
Although people in Japan in some places eat fish, the way fish is cooked in Britain is different to how fish is cooked in Japan.
The way British people cook fish is by deep frying it in a battered mix to give a nice crisp taste to accommodate the chips that come with it.

On Sundays and special occasion such as Christmas and New year’s, British people cook and eat what is called a roast dinner.
This is only served and usually eaten on Sundays and it consists of vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots peas and potatoes.
With this they eat a piece of roasted meat such as chicken, beef or lamb.
Turkey is usually an option but this is eaten more at Christmas time than on a Sunday roast.
To go with this meal they usually eat it with a pastry like piece of food which is called a Yorkshire Pudding and gravy all over the food to give that added flavor.
People in Britain usually eat in big portions so when they are served something they expect quantity as well as quality.

例えば、最も一般的な英国の食文化は、フィッシュ アンド チップスを食べることとして知られています。



What people eat and drink in Britain パート1