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Hi! After a chilly winter and a pleasantly cool spring, the heat is finally here and it’s time to enjoy summer!
In this blog, we will talk about some of the most popular American summer activities that many people enjoy every year. Along the way, some new phrases and vocabulary will be introduced that are important in talking about a wet, hot, American summer! Try reading this only in English first, to see how much you understand, then try using the translations to help you.

このブログでは多くの人が毎年楽しむ、アメリカでは人気のsummer activitiesを紹介します。この中で新しいフレーズや単語を紹介していきますね。まず初めは英語だけで読んでみて、その後どのくらい理解できたかを翻訳をみて確かめてみてください。

Making a Splash

Most people love nothing more than to head for the beach, pool, lake, or wherever there’s water to cool off and soak up some rays. Many girls will get dressed in their favorite bathing suits and go sunbathing to get a nice sun tan. Many women prefer to be a little darker than their natural shade (not too dark and not too white) so they will lay out to get a healthy glow.
While the women are sunbathing, you can sometimes see men tossing a football back and forth.
If you are in a suburban neighborhood, you will probably see children playing on the grass in their front yards. Many children will turn on the sprinklers and jump into the water jets.
Most people will put on sunscreen to protect them from the sun, or use sun-tanning lotion to get just enough sun for a nice tan.


Splash 飛び散らす
cool off 涼む
soak up some sun rays 日光浴をする
bathing suits 水着
sunbathing 日光浴
sun tan 日焼け
lay out 横になる
healthy glow 健康的な輝き
football フットボール(サッカー)
sprinklers スプリンクラー
water jets ウォータージェット
sunscreen 日焼け止め

Cooling Off with a Refreshing Treats

What better way to cool down with an ice cold drink? If you’re in North America and a kid, no summer is complete without a snow cone. Like with Japanese shaved ice, there are many different flavors from watermelon to blueberry.
Other popular frozen treats are popsicles, which you can often buy from the local ice cream truck that drives around neighborhoods.
Most adults love to drink iced coffee and popular cocktails, such as frozen daiquiris or Pina Coladas.
Some kids like to make home-made lemonade and set-up a lemonade stand in front of their house. They will sell lemonade to people walking or driving by.


snow cone スノーコーン(かき氷)
popsicles ポップシックル(アイスキャンディー)

Camping Trips

Many families enjoy going on camping trips and will take the necessary items such as a tents, sleeping bags, and toiletries. Most importantly, they make sure to take mosquito spray to make sure no one gets eaten alive.
While enjoying delicious s’mores, everyone will huddle around the campfire and tell stories or sing music.


tents テント
sleeping bags 寝袋
toiletries 洗面用具
mosquito spray 蚊よけスプレー
eaten alive 虫に刺される
S’mores (a short name of the phrase “some more” because you always want some more)
スモア(毎日だって食べたいでしょ?だから“サム モア”を省略したフレーズなのです)
Huddle 身を寄せ合う

Alright, readers! Now you know all about America’s summer traditions and have learned some new vocabulary!
Remember to stay cool in the Tokyo heat!