Dutch sweets

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Today’s blog is about sweets from the Netherlands. Dutch people really love sweet food but I think not many people know about traditional Dutch sweets so in this blog post I’ll introduce some!



Syrup waffles also known as “stroopwafels” in Dutch are traditional cookies which could be described as two waffles stuck together with caramel syrup. This cookie was invented in the 18th century in the city Gouda, also famous for the Dutch “Gouda cheese”. You can find syrup waffles everywhere, sold fresh at local markets or at the supermarket and they come in several sizes! I often give these cookies as a souvenir to my foreign friends and I haven’t met anyone who disliked them so far so if you like sweets I can recommend you to try the Dutch Syrup waffles!

シロップワッフルは、オランダ語で”stroopwafels”で、二枚のワッフルがキャラメルシロップでくっ付いた伝統的なクッキーです。このクッキーは18世紀にオランダのGoudaという、Gouda cheeseゴーダチーズで有名な街で開発されました。オランダではどこにでもシロップワッフルがあって、色んなシリーズで、新鮮なものが地元のマーケットやスーパーマーケットで売っています。私はよくこのクッキーを外国人の友人へのお土産にします。このクッキーが嫌いという人を今まで見たことが無いので、よければ是非オランダのシロップワッフルを試してみてね!


"Oliebollen" are deep fried balls of dough, similar to doughnuts usually with raisins served with icing sugar. They are only being sold during the winter months. In the Netherlands we eat them during New year’s eve at home while we wait for the countdown. You can buy them at special stands or you can make them at home.



In the Netherlands we eat a lot of toast and bread, it’s not strange to have it for both breakfast and lunch! Therefore we have a wide variety of toppings including hagelslag: chocolate sprinkles! I haven’t seen hagelslag in any other country before. Chocolate sprinkles come in white, milk and dark chocolate, in different sizes and as a variety there are also fruit flavored sprinkles!



The Dutch pancakes or “pannenkoeken” are larger and flatter than the American and Japanese pancakes but slightly thicker than the French crepes. Not only can you choose sweet toppings like the traditional “stroop” (sugar beet syrup) or icing sugar but you can also choose cinnamon, apple, pineapple, marmelade, nutella and many more! And there are savory pancakes as well, cheese and bacon pancakes are also delicious!



Drop is the Dutch word for licorice and many people in the Netherlands love it! There’s salty and sweet licorice and they come in different sizes and shapes! I think sweet licorice is more popular than salty licorice but many of my foreign friends don’t like it at all! Would you like to try Dutch licorice?

Which of these sweets would you like to try?
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Dutch sweets