French beverages☆フランスの飲み物


Hey ! Today, we’re going to take a look at French beverages, because there are other things than wine and beer. Some of these can be found in liquor stores in Japan, so be on the lookout !


Soft beverages ソフトドリンク

If you go to the convenience store, you may notice a famous French beverage in the fridge : Orangina. Originally, Orangina was invented in 1933 by Dr. Augustin Trigo Mirallès, a Spanish inventor, and presented it at a trade fair in Marseille in 1935. Its previous name was Naranjina, and a French investor, Léon Beton, bought the concept to first sell it in French Algeria.

コンビニエンスストアへ行ったら、冷蔵庫にフランスの飲み物、Orangina(オランジーナ)があるのに気づくと思う。元々オランジーナは1933年にスペイン人の発明家Dr. Augustin Trigo Mirallèsによって発明され、1935年のマルセイユのトレードフェアで発表されたんだ。オランジーナの前の名前はNaranjinaで、フランス人の発明家Léon Betonがオランジーナをアルジェリアのフランス領で初めに販売する権利を購入したんだ。

Another soft drink you may find in French restaurants is sparkling water, especially brands like Badoit and Perrier. Badoit is taken from its source in Saint-Galmier (in the department of Loire, France) and Perrier is taken from its source in Vergèze (in the department of Gard, France). Both these sources are natural.

他のソフトドリンクといえば、フレンチレストランでスパークリングウォーター、特にBadoit(バドワ)とPerrier(ペリエ)を見るかもしれないね。パドワはサン=ガルミエ(フランスのロワール県)、ペリエはヴェルジェーズ (フランスのガール県)が源泉だよ。どちらの源泉も天然だ。

Alcohols アルコール

Everyone knows about red wine, white wine, beer, champagne,… But how about other liquors ? How about Pastis for example ? Pastis is a strong alcohol made with anise, fennel and liquorice. It has 45% alcohol, so it needs to be diluted in water, and it is a specialty from Marseille. People like to drink it on the rocks, for lunch or aperitif, and it is best served very cold. One of the most famous brands of pastis is Ricard.


If you prefer the taste of honey, you should try some Chouchen. It’s an alcohol made from the fermentation of honey in apple juice. It’s not a strong alcohol, but since it is very sugary, be careful not to drink too much. Chouchen is made in Bretagne, in the North-West of France, and is best enjoyed with some homemade crepes, whether they be sweet or savory.



French beverages☆フランスの飲み物