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LA! The City of Angels (ロサンゼルス!天使の街)

LA has been a popular site for travel among the Japanese for quite some time. With good weather, good food, and famous sightseeing, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular getaway destination! Here is some advice to make your next trip to LA unforgettable.



Todd’s Top 5 LA picks. (トッドのLAのおすすめTop5)

1. Santa Monica, Venice Beach
I was born and raised here! Walk the Venice boardwalk and watch the world famous street performers, stroll down the historic Venice canals, and make sure to stop for coffee and shopping on vibrant Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Walk up the beach north to Santa Monica where you will find high end shopping, food, and hotels. The famous 3rd street promenade is a must-visit, and make sure to grab some drinks on Main St. in the evening!

サンタモニカ ヴェニスビーチ
僕はここで生まれ育ちました。Venice boardwalkを歩いて、世界的に有名なストリートパフォーマーを見て、歴史的なVenice運河をぶらぶらして・・・・そしてvibrant Abbot Kinney Boulevardのコーヒーと、買い物は忘れないで!サンタモニカのビーチを北へ歩くと高級なショッピングエリアやホテルがあるよ。3番街海浜遊歩道は絶対行くべき。その時は飲み物をメインストリートで買っておくのを忘れないで!

2. Downtown
Downtown LA used to be associated with crime and homelessness, but these days it’s turned around a full 180. Trendy pop-up restaurants and artsy galleries now populate the streets, with young people and ethnic communities mixing to form an extremely upbeat part of the city. Don’t miss Grand Central Market, and the view from the Standard hotel bar!

話題のポップアップレストランや、アートギャラリーがあるストリート、若者とエスニックなコミュニティがミックスしたとてつもなく陽気な街です。Grand Central Marketに行くのは忘れないで、あとStandard hotel のbarからの景色は最高だよ!

3. Hollywood
No trip to LA is complete without visiting Hollywood. Immerse yourself in movie history by walking down the Avenue of the stars or by putting your hands in the place of famous actors and actresses in front of the TCL Chinese theater! It’s a great time! Bonus: Take a hike in the Hollywood hills and get directly behind the huge Hollywood sign!

ハリウッドへ行かずしてLAの旅行は完成しない。TCL Chinese theater前にある、ハリウッドスターの手形がある通りを通って映画の歴史に浸ってみよう!すごくオススメだよ!さらに・・・Hollywood hills へハイキングをしてハリウッドの文字の裏側へ行ってみるのもいいかも。

4. Beverly Hills
Do I need to explain? Shopping, shopping, shopping. Walk down Rodeo Dr, Cannon, and Wilshire- just make sure you are dressed well enough! Tip: Lots of celebrities love to eat at Nate ‘n Als Delicatessen!

これって説明必要?ここはshopping, shopping, shopping!ただ十分ドレスアップするのを忘れないでね!ちなみに、たくさんのセレブレティがNate ‘n Als Delicatessenで食事しているよ!

5. Disneyland
Technically this isn’t in Los Angeles city proper, but it’s a must see for anyone who loves Disney films and culture. A two park pass including Disney’s California Adventure can cost around 120$, but I swear it’s worth it every time!


Helpful reminders(お役立ち情報)

Traffic! Oh no! The traffic in LA is world famous for being extremely slow and difficult to avoid. Try to stay away from the 10 and 405 freeways anytime in the morning from around 08:30 – 10:00 and in the evening from 5:30 – 7:30.
Have you heard of Uber? This is a ride sharing smartphone app that saves you the trouble of parking and navigating, all for a relatively cheap fee! I totally recommend it! Much easier and cheaper than finding a taxi! Trust me!

LAの交通渋滞は深刻な問題。朝の8:30-10:00と夕方の5:30-7:30は10と405 freewaysからは離れた方がいい。

Todd’s top 5 places to eat(トッドのオススメご飯スポット)

1. In n out – the classic California Burger! Super fresh and delicious. Make sure to try the hamburger ‘animal style’.
クラシックなカリフォルニアバーガー。すごく新鮮で美味しい。ぜひ`animal style’を試してね。

2. Tito’s Tacos – An original hard shell taco with amazing salsa!

3. Pink’s Hot Dogs – Hot dogs with unique toppings! Careful! There is always a line!

4. Phillipe’s The Original – A French dip sandwich in downtown! Classic LA style!

5. Lawry’s steakhouse – Amazing prime rib with a spinning salad!

Have fun!

LA! The City of Angels (ロサンゼルス!天使の街)