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Tips&Strategies to Improve Your English Listening Skills (Part II)


In Part I of this blog, it was explained some of the contributing factors leading to listening difficulties. Now in this Part II section (and the following Part III), some tips & strategies will be given for a very easy and reasonable approach to improving your listening skills.

このブログのパート1では 、リスニングが難しいと感じるいくつかの要因を説明しました。さあ、パート2ではあなたのリスニングスキルを上げるための、とても簡単でお手軽なアプローチとしていくつかのコツと方法をお伝えします。


If you want to significantly improve your listening skills, listening once or twice a week is not acceptable. You must make it become a fun and daily habit. Research has shown that it takes thirty days to build a habit. Therefore, before we go into detail about the strategies themselves, the first step is to make time in your daily schedule to allow 20-30 minutes of listening practice each day.
And this is easier than it sounds… There are convenient moments throughout the day which you can use to your advantage. During your commute, when you exercise, while you are cleaning/cooking/organizing your house; There are several opportunities if you take time to think in advance.

もし大幅にリスニングスキルを向上させたいのであれば、一週間に1, 2回のリスニングをするだけではだめです。リスニングを毎日の楽しい習慣にしなければなりません。研究では、習慣をづけるには30日かかるといわれています。リスニングの方法を詳しく見ていく前に、最初の一歩として毎日20分から30分程の時間をリスニングの勉強に当てるように日々のスケジュールを作ってみて下さい。


There are millions of podcasts that are easily accessible (and free!). What’s great about podcasts is that you can find a topic that is interesting to you. Try and avoid just listening to any podcast because it’s in English… If it’s something you are genuinely interested in, you will concentrate more and enjoy it.
There are also numerous ESL podcasts, meaning more free ESL resources.
Take advantage of the internet!



TV series are more ideal than movies because they are shorter and you can watch them everyday. Research shows that ESL learners really do improve their English after consistently watching Friends. Other shows like The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are also very suitable options.
Remember to watch TV shows and movies with English subtitles and not your native language. Watching them with your native language subtitles will keep your brain in "native language mode". This strategy it is a great way to be able to match the words you already know with the English captions.
Try also watching the same TV show or movie without the subtitles to see how much you can understand. Doing this in increments of a few minutes or scenes may be a more beneficial way to use this strategy.

TVシリーズは映画に比べると短く、毎日見ることが出来るので、映画より理想的です。研究によれば、英語を第二言語として学ぶ人は、日々「Friend」を見ることで大幅に英語力を上げたとあります。その他にも「The Big Bang Theory」「How I met your Mother」も同様にとてもふさわしい例です。
TVシリーズや映画を観る時は母語ではなく、英語字幕で見るのを忘れないで下さい。母語の字幕で見てしまうと、あなたの脳は”native language mode”(母語モード)のままです。この方法は、既に知っている単語と英語の字幕を結び付けることのできる良い方法です。

The previous strategies mentioned are the most convenient and practical, and you can do them by yourself. Go on to Part III to learn about some more interactive strategies that will guarantee to improve your listening.


Tips&Strategies to Improve Your English Listening Skills (Part II)