Essential Travel Phrases & Tips; At the Airport



Also at the check in-counter, the travel agent will ask you some details about your flight. The following are phrases and questions people frequently use when speaking to the travel agent.

☆“Excuse me, where is the American Airlines check-in desk?”
☆“How many bags can I check-in?”
☆“How much is the fee?”

For some airlines, if you’re luggage exceeds the weight limit or the measurements are too big, you will have to pay an oversized luggage fee/overweight baggage fee.

☆“Please mark this bag as fragile.”

If you have breakable items in your luggage, use this phrase to ensure that the luggage is delicately handled.

■【“I would like….” 】

This is a useful phrase that can be used in requesting numerous things for your upcoming flight that you can only ask at the check-in counter.

Examples of common “I would like” phrases.
よくある”I would like ”フレーズ

★“I would like to check-in one bag.”
★“I would like to check-in my bag.”
★“I would like to upgrade my seat.”
★“I would like to change my meal.”


☆“Is the flight on time?”

Airline times can be unpredictable, and it is important to double-check the time of your flight to ensure you arrive to your abroad destination without any trouble.

☆“When is the boarding time?”

Similar to the question above, this gives you a more specific idea of when you should be at your exact gate.


Essential Travel Phrases & Tips; At the Airport