Essential Travel Phrases & Tips; At the Airport

Traveling abroad is an exciting adventure that everyone should experience at least once in their life! Whether it be to Europe, North America, China, or somewhere exotic like Tahiti, one place where you will inevitably have to pass thru is your final destination’s airport. It may be easy to find Japanese-speaking airport staff at many Asian airports, but at an airport in a place like Tahiti, your chances may be small. Therefore, it is useful and essential to know some common English phrases that can help you in your traveling abroad airport experience.


Checking Into Your Flight: Agent’s Questions

As soon as you enter the airport, your first destination will be the check-in counter. It is important to understand these, as they can affect important things like where your luggage will go and so on.


“Where are you flying today?” or “Where is your final destination?”

“How many bags are you checking-in?”

“Please place your bag on the scale”
The scale is the equipment that tells you the weight of your luggage (45 kilograms, for example).


“Your baggage will go straight through.”
If the travel agent says this, it means that you will not have to pick up your bags at your connecting flight and it will go directly to your final destination.


“I’m sorry, but your plane is delayed.”

“Here are your boarding passes.”



Essential Travel Phrases & Tips; At the Airport