How to speak Californian♪

Dude! Have you ever wondered what Californian people are saying?
Today I’ll teach you how to talk like a local with some common California slang!



to leave a place. You can use it as a verb! Bails, bailed, bailing, has bailed!
“Bail” その場を去るときの言葉として、動詞で使われます。

For example, “ I need to bail soon, my parents want me home for dinner.”
“Don’t bail on me!” (Don’t leave me!)


famous word for `amazing`, `awesome`. “the bomb” is also very common.
“Bomb”はAmazing と同じように使われるので有名な言葉です。”the bomb” もとてもよく使われます!

For example, “This guacamole is bomb! Where did you get the recipe? It’s delicious!”,

Caution – as a verb it means `to fail`,
for example, “I totally bombed that test…I probably only got 10% correct!”



When something is unexpectedly helpful; `lucky`.

For example, you bought some wine but you don’t have an opener, however, your friend, luckily, has one in his backpack! , “That was so clutch! I didn’t know how I was going to drink this…”


very, or a lot. For example, “That was so hella expensive (very expensive)”.
“Hella” - とても、たくさん。 例;あれすごく高かったよ。
Mostly used in Northern Californian, sometimes this word is disliked by Southern California people.

1)Tight – cool, great, awesome, “Linguage is tight!
かっこいい、すごい、最高! “リンゲージは最高!”

2)Sick – cool, great, awesome,  “Linguage is sick!
かっこいい、すごい、最高! “リンゲージは最高!”

3)Dope - cool, great, awesome,  “Linguage is dope
かっこいい、すごい、最高! “リンゲージは最高!”

4)Posted – to wait somewhere, hang out.
“I’m posted at Todd’s house right now”, “We have time so let’s post up here.”

“今トッドの家で待っているよ” “まだ時間があるから、ここで遊ぼう”

5)Gnarly – Challenging,cool, (or disgusting).
“The weather looks super gnarly today”, “Gross! What’s that gnarly smell?”

“今日の天気はとてもいい感じだね” “気持ち悪いっ!なんだこの気持ち悪い臭いは!!!”

6)For sure – Definitely, Absolutely. Pronounced “Fer sher”. Used in agreement with others or to confirm understanding.
“She’s crazy man!”, “For sure, man.Totally.”

”彼女はクレイジーだ” ”まったくだよ!本当に。”


How to speak Californian♪