Places to visit in France

Hey! Lucas here!
Let’s look at Strasbourg, Marseille and Bordeaux this time!


Strasbourg, with one of the biggest Christmas markets in Europe

If you are looking for a place to go for Christmas, I strongly recommend Strasbourg. This city is rather close to Germany, and has a gigantic Christmas Market full of artisans selling their food and creations. You can also wander around and enjoy a glass of hot wine along with a bretzel.


Marseille, flagship of culture in the South of France

Marseille was designated European Capital of Culture in 2013. Marseille is a very diverse city, with lots of ethnicities, events, different sorts of food and so on. If you enjoy concerts and electronic music, you can go to some big shows at the “Docks Sud” near the port, and enjoy some nice restaurants and shopping at the big department store “les terrasses do port”.

マルセイユは2013年にヨーロッパ文化都市として指定されました。とても多様な都市であり、数多くの民族が暮らしており、たくさんのイベントや様々な種類の料理などがあります。もしコンサートやエレクトロニック音楽を楽しみたいなら、港の近くにあるDocks Sudで行われるイベントに行くこともできます。また、les terrasses do port という大きなデパートメントストアでは買い物や素敵なレストランを楽しめます。

Bordeaux, where culture and wine blend together

If you ask most French people where good wine comes from, chances are they will name Bordeaux. One of the interesting things to do is to do a small tour of some of the castles in Bordeaux. You will get a visit of the domain, an explanation about processing wine, taste of the wine produced locally and a night in the castle!



Places to visit in France