Customs around the world

Hey guys! Lucas here. Like any other countries, Japan has many customs and traditions, like Kanamara Matsuri or avoiding number 4. These can feel strange to foreigners, but what about other countries? Let’s look at some of the strangest customs.


La Tomatina (Bunol, Spain)

In the city of Bunol, in Spain, you can see and take part in the festival of “La Tomatina”. It’s a huge tomato fight which takes place in the streets. Story has it that during a parade in 1945, some people wanted to take part in said parade, but were denied. So, in retaliation, they started a fight using tomatoes from a fruit stand nearby. This is one of many theories of how “Tomatina” started.

スペインにあるブニオルという都市では“La Tomatina”というお祭りがあり、見ることも可能ですし、参加することも可能です。簡単にいうとこのお祭りはトマトの投げ合い合戦になります。元々の始まりは、1945年のパレード中に何人かがそのパレードに参加したかったことを拒否され、近くにあった屋台のトマトを投げ始めたのが始まりだと言われています。他にもいろいろな説があるようで、どれが本当なのかはよくわからないようです。

Tooth Filing (Bali)

In Bali, one of the Hindu customs is to file teeth when one goes from puberty to adulthood. It is very important to do this before marriage. In the Hindu, Balinese belief, teeth are believed to be the sign of evil and sin, so filing them is believed to free one from evil spirits.


Turning of the bones (Madagascar)

In Madagascar, in both rural and urban areas, people exhume their dead ones, wrap them into new fresh cloth and dance with them, before putting them back in their graves. This ritual, known as the Famadihana, is usually celebrated every seven years.



Customs around the world