Part 7: Reading Comprehension

Part 7 is often considered to be the most difficult section of the entire test. Proper planning will save you time and improve your accuracy.


Section by section

Part 7 is divided into several sections:

Part 1
Questions 147-157 → Short passages, 2/3 Questions per reading
Questions 158-175 → Long single passage, 3/4 Questions per reading

Part 2
Questions 176-185 → Double passage reading, 5 questions
Questions 185-200 → Triple passage reading, 5 questions

Budget your time according to your target score.
650 points – Part 1, 25 minutes; Part 2, 20minutes (45 minutes total)
750 points – Part 1, 25 minutes; Part 2, 25minutes (50 minutes total)
850+ points – Part 1, 25 minutes; Part 2, 30minutes (55 minutes total)

These times are based on the estimated time it should take you to complete parts 5 and 6 within the 75 minutes reading section.


Q147-157 →短いパッセージ、一つの長文に対して2つか3つの質問
Q158-175 →長い一つのパッセージ、一つの長文に対して3つか4つの質問

Q176-185 →二つのパッセージ、5つの質問
Q185-200 →三つのパッセージ、5つの質問

650点– Part 1, 25分; Part 2, 20分(全体45分)
750点– Part 1, 25分; Part 2, 25分(全体50分)
850点超– Part 1, 25分; Part 2, 30分(全体55分)


Question strategy

Part 7 consists of 7 different kinds of questions, each with its own specific strategy. Learn the strategies for each question type to maximize your time spent.
1.Main purpose Questions
2.Detail Questions/ Negative Detail
3.Scan Questions
4.Quote Questions
5.Quote Insertion Questions
6.Vocabulary Questions
7.Basic wh-questions

650-750 level students should avoid Negative detail questions and Quote insertion questions. They should also prepare to sacrifice between 2-4 detail questions for the sake of time. 650 students can about miss 16 questions and 750students can miss about 12 questions.

850+ students need to complete all the questions and they can only afford to miss 10.



Reading strategy

Read the question first, then look for the answer. Don’t read the passage and then try to answer the question. Most likely you will need unnecessary information and waste your time.

Try to look at 3 lines at a time for keywords and don’t re-read a section once you’ve already read it once. The biggest problem students have is when they read a paragraph 3 times and still get no answer- by that point it’s already time to move on.

Don’t read- SCAN. Scanning is a strategy used to find keywords. By scanning you avoid wasting your energy trying to understand every word and instead only pay attention to the sentences with important keywords. Don’t read side to side, scan up and down and back and forth between 3-4 lines looking only for important nouns. It seems unnatural at first, but this technique saves time and keeps you fresh for reading new material, rather than getting stuck understanding the full depth of any one particular reading.

TOEIC is an advanced English test, so don’t feel bad if your part 7 score is low, it takes practice combined with strategy to really maximize your potential. Good luck.





Part 7: Reading Comprehension