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Canada’s Hidden Gems – 3 Places in the West You Should Visit

Hello! It’s Morgan from Shimbashi! Today I want to present to you 3 amazing places in Canada you have to visit if you’re on the West side!


Banff (Alberta)

Located in the comfort of the Rocky Mountains, Banff is by far my favorite place in Canada! While the mountains in Japan are also beautiful to look at, they can’t compare to the Rocky Mountains. Banff is well-known to many Japanese tourists, but still a lot of people have never heard of it! Banff itself is a small town in the middle of the mountains, filled with tons of homely souvenir shops and restaurants. Whether you decide to go in the winter time to take in some snowboarding and the public hot spring, or go just for a walk around the town in the summer, Banff is great for everyone, all year round.

Being located in the mountains, it can be hard to get to, but there are several ways. From Calgary it only takes one hour and a half and the drive there is absolutely beautiful. You can rent a car or take a tour bus out to the location.



Calgary (Alberta)

Dubbed the Texas of Canada, or Cowtown thanks to our strong country roots. Admittedly, Calgary doesn’t have that much to offer most of the year other than freezing temperatures in the winter. However, during the summer, Calgary becomes a lively place.

For 2 weeks in July, Calgary hosts a well-known country-themed amusement park with tons of rides, food stands, and entertainment. Entertainment includes famous singers, rodeo and, my personal favorite, a dog show, as well as a variety of other country-themed shows. It’s my favorite time in Calgary and definitely worth a trip if you can fit it in your schedule.

Calgary itself has many beautiful views of the mountains, the downtown area, rivers and more. Like other cities, it hold the normal attractions – movies, walks in parks, inspiring buildings and shopping malls. If you get bored of the amusement park, take a drive around the city and you’ll find a lot of interesting restaurants or viewpoints.




Nahanni Nation Park Reserve (Yukon)

For those of you who love nature, this is the place for you. This park offers every nature-lovers dreams with hikes, rock climbing, kayaking and great views of mountains, lakes, and the famous waterfall, Virginia Falls. You may even be lucky enough to see the Aurora!

This area is geared to those who are willing to go camping, as this area needs more than one day to cover all its beauty. Many tours are available for the variety of activities listed. There are even helicopter tours and culture spots to learn about the Canadian Aboriginals.

The best season to visit is summer, the warmest months being June – August.

Although I have not visited, this is on my list of places I would love to visit!




I hope these places give you inspiration to visit Canada and travel less well-known areas.>

Canada’s Hidden Gems – 3 Places in the West You Should Visit