Fun Facts about Canada Part II

Hello! It’s Morgan from Shinbashi school! Today I want to introduce my beautiful country to you all. Although Canada and America are similar, they are still two separate countries with different history, culture and language.
In this blog I want to give fun facts to help people distinguish the difference!


History of Canada

I will give a brief and easy explanation of Canada’s history.

◇ Before any settlers came to Canada, the land was owned by many different Aboriginal tribes.

◇ The first European settlers were from France. They came to Canada in the 1530’s and claimed the land for the French king. Jacques Cartier named the land Canada. He settled in Quebec City.
最初のヨーロッパからの入植者はフランス人でした。彼らは1530年頃フランスに移り、フランスの王様のために自分たちの土地だと宣言しました。Jacques Cartierというフランス人が、国名をCanadaと名付け、ケベック市で生活し始めました。

◇ The British settlers then came to Canada, and a war broke out over the land. The British won the fight.

◇ The French who lived there, continued to try to keep their way of life against the English. Over time, the British became accommodating and allowed them to keep their ways under British rule. That is why Canada still has a large French-speaking community in Quebec!

◇ At this point, Canada and America were not distinct countries. We became two distinct areas in 1776, when the British colonies living in the American area declared independence from England and a war happened. This is called the American Revolution. After the war, the two areas were separated.

◇ Canada was founded on July 1, 1867 as the Dominion of Canada. We are still such a young country; only 150 years old.
「Dominion of Canada」で1867年の7月の1日にカナダつくられました。実はまだ国としてできてから150年しかたってないんですよ!

◇ Canada did not become fully independent from England until 1982. Only 35 years ago! The Queen still is the Head of State as the monarch of Canada (Commonwealth).

Thanks to the interesting history of Canada, our country has a variety of people and culture, making it the amazing country it is today, eh.

I hope this information has given you a better understand of Canadian people, and how we differ from Americans.


Fun Facts about Canada Part II