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オアフ島の隠れや家レストラン ベスト3

Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Japanese residents. Because of this, there are several travel guides and online sources you can use to research and design your planned vacation. However, it is harder to find more unique spots that are known among the local and unknown to most tourists. In this blog, we will focus on restaurants in particular. Listed below, are three restaurants described as the “hidden best” restaurants on the island of Oahu, found on some popular rating-based websites.


Maguro Brothers Hawaii – Hawaiian Food with a Japanese Flair

Found in the Kekaulike “Market”, this restaurant is in the heart of Chinatown/Downtown Honolulu. Maguro Brothers Hawaii is known for their sashimi and, most famously, their poke bowls. Some people describe “poke” as the hamburger of Hawaii, a truly unique dish to the state. It is a chopped, raw, tuna salad. Sweet onions provide flavor without pungency or heat. Fresh lean tuna is complemented by simple seasonings. The poke bowls here are made fresh to order. Some of their other dishes include wasabi hamachi, ume and shiso ahi, hamaguri clams, king salmon donburi and spicy ahi tuna poke. With nothing but great reviews on the website www.yelp.com, here are what some reviewers had to say:

一つ目のレストランはケカウリケマーケットにあるレストランです。ホノルルのチャイナタウン/ダウンタウンにあります。マグロ・ブラザーズハワイにはお刺身などもありますが、中でも一番有名なのがポケボウルです。ポケをハワイのハンバーガーという人もいますが、ポケとは小さく切られたまぐろのお刺身サラダです。甘玉ねぎがいい味をだしてくれます。新鮮なまぐろで作られるので少しの調味料でとてもおいしいです。他にもこのレストランにはワサビハマチや梅・しそアヒ(ハワイ語でマグロのことです)、ハマグリ、サーモン丼、辛めのポケボウルなどもあります。 www.yelp.comをみていただくとわかりますが高いレビューばかりです。いくつか紹介しましょう。

“This is definitely something you must try while in Hawaii!”


One word that most reviewers used to describe the food was “mouth-watering”. Not only is the good great, the price is even better! Most items are under $10 (About \1,155).
When you go shopping in Downtown Honolulu and need a place to eat lunch, Maguro Brothers Hawaii seems like the place to go!



1039 Kekaulike St
Ste 113
Honolulu, HI 96817

Vintage Cave Club – “Hideaway Guest House”

If you are willing to spend some heavy cash for a truly remarkable dining experience, this is a place that most locals do not even know about! Located in Ala Moana shopping center, this is a reservation-only restaurant meant for “onoephiles and connoisseurs”! (Onoephile, meaning a lover of wine. Connoisseur, meaning a person who knows a lot about something, such as food.)
The chef is of this restaurant is that of Japanese descent with over 30 years of experience. When he was only 18 years old, Misao Masuda started his career at the legendary Japanese restaurant “Hisago”, located in Hirakawacho, Tokyo. He is a unique chef in the industry, creating the new style of “French-Japonaise” cuisine.
As one reviewer on www.yelp.com says, “This place is far beyond ‘fine-dining’ as you would say. Filled with custom Swarovski chandeliers and original Picassos, this captivating experience is undoubtedly one to never forget.”
The menu has two options, the Chef’s Special French-Japonais Course, which consists of 13 courses ($300) or the “Best of the Best” Hors D’ouevres (market price).
As stated above, this may not be the best choice if you are on a budget. But if you feel like eating like a King or Queen and being treated like one as well, this will be the experience for you!

お金がかかってもいいからハワイで忘れられないような経験をしたい!とういのであればこちらのレストランがおすすめです。こちらのレストランは地元の人でも知らない人が多いようです。アラモアナショッピングセンターの中にあり、予約制のみのレストランになっています。ワインに詳しい方や料理に詳しい方向けです。このレストランのシェフはなんと日本で30年間経験を積んだ方なのです。 マスダ ミサオは18歳の時に東京の平河町にあるレストラン、“ひさご”で修行を始めました。彼はとてもユニークなシェフで、フランス料理と日本料理の融合された新しいスタイルの料理を作りだしました。www.yelp.comのレビューの中には、
“This place is far beyond ‘fine-dining’ as you would say. Filled with custom Swarovski chandeliers and original Picassos, this captivating experience is undoubtedly one to never forget.”
このレストランのメニューは2種類です。the Chef’s Special French-Japonais Course(13つのコースがついて300ドル)もしくは、Best of the Best” Hors D’ouevres(マーケットプライスによる)となっています。最初にも述べたように、割と高めのレストランになるので、お金をセーブしたい人にはベストなレストランではないですが、王子様やお姫様のような気分で食事をしてみたり、扱われてみたい方にはとてもおすすめです。

1450 Ala Moana Blvd
Ste 2250
Honolulu, HI 96814
Ala Moana

La Cucina Ristorante Italiano – An Italian Treat

If you are looking nice ambience and a cozy dining experience, La Cucina Ristorante Italiano is the place to be! La Cucina serves both lunch and dinner, and it is highly recommended by past customers to make a reservation in advance. Described as small and simple, the two waiters that work at La Cucina Ristorante have a reputation of being friendly and service-oriented. Although many Yelp reviewers do say it takes a little wait, they say the food is totally worth it. Everything is homemade and made from scratch by merely ONE chef in the entire restaurant. Reviewers commonly describe the food as “bursting with flavor” and “extremely impressive”.
Their menu offers a wide selection of appetizers, salads, pastas, risottos, ravioli, and many other main courses that don’t fit in the above categories (chicken, lamb, etc).
The wine selection is said to be very good and each table is served with a free basket of bread with herby olive oil. A typical meal could be with an appetizer, such as their excellent Caprese salad, a pasta or risotto as a main course, and tiramisu for dessert. Their menu offers a wide selection of appetizers, salads, pastas, risottos, ravioli, and many other main courses that don’t fit in the above categories. They also serve unique daily specials, such as bone marrow, which reviewers said was “to die for”.
It’s located in the Imperial Plaza, great for finding local parking and also conveniently located in Downtown Honolulu.

ハワイで落ち着けるようなレストランを探しているのであればLa Cucina Ristorante Italianoがおすすめです。ランチもディナーも営業していますが、レビューなどをみていると予約をしてからいくのがいいみたいです。小さくシンプルなレストランで、二人のサーバーの方がとてもフレンドリーでサービスもすごくいいと評判が高いようです。料理が出てくるのに少し時間がかかるようですが、それでもここの料理はどれもおいしく、行くべきだという人がたくさんいるようです。ここで出てくる食べ物は一人のシェフが全て手作りしています。たくさんの方がここで出てくる食事はどれも本当においしいと高く評価しています。こちらのレストランはアペタイザーからサラダ、パスタ、リゾット、ラビオリ、他にもチキンやラムなど様々な料理がそろえてあります。ワインも種類が豊富で、各テーブルにはパンとオリーブオイルが無料でついています。ほとんどの方がアペタイザーでカプレーゼなどを頼み、メインとしてパスタやリゾットをオーダーし、ティラミスをデザートとして頼むようです。そしてその日の限定メニューなどもそろえており、中でもbone marrow(骨髄)はとても人気なようです。こちらのレストランはダウンタウンにあるインペリアルプラザの中にあり、駐車場も用意してあるため駐車場の心配もいりません。
このお店のウェブサイト: www.lacucinaristoranteitaliano.com

725 Kapiolani Blvd
Ste C112
Honolulu, HI 96813


オアフ島の隠れや家レストラン ベスト3