My Life as a College Student in Sunny Florida【2】


My Typical Day as a College Student

I graduated from Florida State University. The main campus is located about 2 hours away from Panama City Beach in the state capital Tallahassee, but they have a branch campus in my town. I lived off campus in a spacious 2 bedroom apartment with my best friend and dog. We paid only $600 for a 2 bedroom apartment with a large dining room, two bathrooms, and a nice kitchen (with an oven!). I had a Ford SUV that I drove everywhere. There are no trains or buses in my town, so if you don’t have a car you cannot get anywhere. Maybe three times a week I drove about 15 minutes to my university, attended my classes, and after I would go back home or eat out with my friends. In my free time, especially on the weekends, I went to house parties. House parties are big parties (About 15-50 people), typically held by people in their early 20s. There is usually very loud music, a lot of alcohol, and people playing drinks games. It is a very vibrant and fun atmosphere where you can meet new people and get a little crazy. At night, if I wasn’t studying or at a house party, you could find me at a live music show. Maybe 3 times a month, me and my friends would drive to a nearby city and see our favorite bands or singers for only about $15. The same bands come to Tokyo sometime, but it is so much more expensive, maybe \6,000! I really miss going to live music shows in America… During the daytime, if I wasn’t in class, then I was most likely at the beach.



My Life as a College Student in Sunny Florida【2】