My Life as a College Student in Sunny Florida【1】

Unless you have studied abroad, college life in other countries is a mystery. It is interesting to learn the differences in daily life, whether it be as a college student or business worker, to see how different or similar cultures are around the world. In this blog, I will share my personal experience of being a college student in the small, but beautiful town: Panama City Beach, Florida.


Panama City Beach: “Home of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”

As you enter my town, you can see a huge sign with the phrase: “Welcome to Panama City Beach! Home of the world’s most beautiful beaches!” and this is for a good reason. The town is located along the coast of North Florida. There are many condominiums, houses, and restaurants located on the beach. If you’re lucky, you can walk from your house to the beach in a few seconds. The water is a clear blue with fine white sand. On most days, you can see dolphins jumping in the distance and even sometimes you might catch a scary glimpse of a shark, but that is very rare. There is a low population of about 50,000 people or less and most recreational activities are outdoor activities such as swimming at the beach, fishing, or canoeing on a creek. It really is a beautiful place with a lot of nature, but if you enjoy city life like in Tokyo, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it very much. I much prefer living in the bustling city of Tokyo because there are so many things to do! Nevertheless, it was a fun place to live while in college and I cannot complain.



My Life as a College Student in Sunny Florida【1】