The TOEIC TEST could change your life. A good score could lead to a higher paying job or even something better. It’s important to study the right way.
Here are some helpful tips for improving your score.


Repetition, Repetition, Repetition - くり返し、くり返し、くり返しやる!!!!

The more tests you take, the more your score will improve- simple.
Try to complete a full test(7 parts) in 2 weeks for a relaxed pace, or one test per week for cram studying.
Separate between sections 1,2/ 3,4/ and 5,6/ 7. Taking more practice tests will make you more comfortable when you have to take the official test.

もしくは、1つのテストをPart1,2/ Part3,4/ Part5,6/ Part7と、4回にわけてやってみましょう。

Question types and test design - 問題のタイプとテストのパターンを覚える!!!!

The TOEIC test does not change very much from test to test. If you master the concepts behind only a few grammar topics, it could improve your score greatly. Find questions that look similar and study the grammar, it will probably be repeated again on future tests.
Familiarize yourself with the test design. Being comfortable with Part7 texts is one of the most important pieces of advice, I have. Answers are located in predictable locations, so knowing where to look beforehand will save you time and lead to higher scores.



Manage your expectations - 目標を設定しよう!!!!

Improving from ~400 to ~650 is usually no problem for beginners, this is typically because the student has become comfortable with the question types and test design.
Moving from ~650 to ~750 is much more about mastering specific grammar topics.
Moving from ~750 to ~850+ is mostly about improving vocabulary. What area do you need to improve the most? GOOD LUCK.