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Hello everyone! It’s Ian! Today I wanted to share a fun way that my friends and I took a very traditional holiday with a safe and, frankly, boring set of activities and turned it into one of the most anticipated days of the year for our group. Maybe this will inspire you to try something new and strange on a traditionally dull holiday.



Christmas morning in the USA is usually spent with your immediate family; you’ll open presents, exchange niceties, express your gratitude for gifts given and then split away to enjoy your new presents individually. This is all well and good for the first few hours of Christmas, but after a bit you realize that your home is now a prison – a place with nothing to do other than talk to your family, who are all absorbed with their new presents. You are alone and itching for excitement. So, around this time you call your friends and decide to meet up.



My friends and I decided to get together to watch horror movies on Christmas for the irony of it, really. It’s antithetical to the white-washed idea of this smarmy holiday to sit down and watch poor victims haunted by ghosts, monsters, and serial killers. It also takes a bit of the bite out of the horror movie when you’re surrounded by friends and wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of cocoa. It’s a bit of cheap fun and a good reminder that you have people in your life that you love outside of your direct family.



To each his own! Do I insist that Christmas needs to be a scary holiday? Of course not. But I encourage you to put a special twist on any and all traditions that you create with your group of friends. Maybe it’s having a nice dinner on Halloween, or having an end-of-the-year party where everyone makes pizza together. Whatever it is, I’ve found that bonds you create are stronger when they are built rather than inherited. Good luck with planning!


If I had to recommend a good horror movie to start with, I’d pick something older and a little cheesy. Being able to laugh a bit at the scares is a lot more fun than feeling a huge amount of dread after it’s all over, so watch at your own risk!