British Rock Music Part4

Hello, it’s Faye here. I love rock music so I thought it would be good to introduce some genres in rock history to you, focusing on British bands.


Britpop part2

Although Britpop sounds like it is referring to British Pop music, it is in fact a genre of alternative rock music from the mid-1990’s. From 1993-1995 was the peak of the movement. It usually uses electric guitars and drums band focuses on a "Britishness" with lyrics referring to British culture and slang.
Here are some Britpop bands worth checking out;



Pulp formed in Sheffield in 1978 and were active until 2013. Their heyday was in 1994-1997. They struggled to hit big time throughout the 1980’s and went through many different band members. The main well known members of the band are Jarvis Cocker (vocals, guitar), Candida Doyle (keyboards), Russell Senior (guitar, violin) Mark Webber (guitar, violin), Steve Mackay (bass), and Nick banks (drums).

"パルプ"は1978 年にシェフィールドで結成され2013年まで活動していました。彼らの全盛期は1994年から1997年です。彼らは1980年代に人気がでるよう奮闘したので、その間多くのバンドメンバーが脱退していきました。多くの人に知られているバンドメンバーはJarvis Cocker(ボーカル、ギター)、Candida Doyle(キーボード)、Russell Senior(ギター、バイオリン)、Mark Webber(ギター、バイオリン)、Steve Mackay(ベース)、Nick banks(ドラム)です。

Recommended Songs:
Common People, Disco 2000, Razzmatazz, Like a Friend, Do You remember the First Time, This is Hardcore


Suede formed in London in 1989.

Recommended Songs:
Animal Nitrate, The Wild Ones, Pantomime Horse, We Are the Pigs, Metal Mickey

British Rock Music Part4