Sydney Road

This road in Inner Northern Melbourne has a great variety of food, coffee and bars. The Southern end has the best long black in Melbourne at ‘wide open road’ and the Northern end has the best Lebanese bakery. Al Alami has Haloumi cheese pies which are salty and cheesy and very addictive. You can also find excellent Indian, Vietnamese and Greek restaurants, I recommend you take the time to look!!

メルボルンの北部内にあるシドニーロードはバラエティ豊富な食べ物、コーヒー、そしてバーがあります。南端には‘ワイドオープンロード’というブラックコーヒーがおいしいカフェ。北端には、とってもおいしいレバノンのベーカリーがあります。ベーカリー「Al Alami」には塩加減が良く、チーズの香りのするハロウミチーズパイがありやみつきになること間違いなし! また、とてもおいしいインド、ベトナム、ギリシャのレストランもあるので、時間があればそちらもぜひ行ってみてください。

The Royal botanical Gardens

The Royal botanical Gardens are a city highlight for both Melbournians and tourists alike. There are over 10,000 different plant species and a large variety of environments. It is an amazing and relaxing place to walk around or have a picnic.


National Gallery of Victoria

National Gallery of Victoria is the oldest and most popular Gallery in Australia. There is a fantastic collection of modern and traditional art as well as a collection of indigenous Australian art.