Danish food and candy popular in Denmark

Hi! Mathias here.
A lot of my students often ask me: “What’s Danish food like”?
That is why I thought that it would be a good idea to write a blog on this subject. In this blog, I’m going to write about some Danish food and candy that I personally like.


Danes love meat!

In Denmark, our food mostly consists of meat, potatoes and sauce. We are one of the most meat-eating countries in the world. In 2002 an average Dane would eat up to 145,9 kg of meat every year. Even though the amount of meat we eat has fallen a bit since then we still eat up to a 100 kg of meat every year.


Traditional Danish food

As mentioned before, Danish food consists mainly of three things: meat, potatoes and sauce.
In this section, I’m going to discuss traditional Danish food and show you some examples.


●Stegt Flæsk med Persillesovs(豚肉とパセリソース)
Stegt Flæsk(ステッツ フレシュク) consists of fried pork belly, potatoes and parsley sauce.
The sauce is made of butter, flour, milk, lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper.

Stegt Flæskは豚バラ肉、ジャガイモとパセリソースです。

●Medisterpølse(メディスタプルセ - これも豚肉です)
Medisterpølse is minced pork stuffed into pig intestines. The sides are as mentioned potatoes and sauce.
When you prepare the sausage you first boil it then you fry it.

Medisterpølseは豚ミンチの腸詰めウィンナーみたい感じ。そのほかは先程のStegt Flæsk med Persillesovsと同じ様に、ジャガイモとソースです。

Candy popular in Denmark

In this last section, I’m going to write about some Danish candy that I personally enjoy quite a lot.


●Daim bar(ダイムバー)
Originally from Sweden, a Daim bar is a mixture of caramel and chocolate. It is one of my favorite forms of chocolate, and it seems to be very popular in Denmark too.


●Toms Skildpadder(トムの亀)
Toms skildpadder is chocolate in the form of a turtle, with cream in the middle. The cream is caramel and rum flavoured (the taste of rum is very weak).

亀の形をしているチョコレート「Toms Skildpadder(トムズ スキルペール)」は、とっても美味しいです!中身はラム風味のキャラメルクリームですが、ラムの味はそんなに強くないですよ。これもオススメです。

If you go to Youtube and look up “runnyrunny999 candies from Denmark” you will find a video of a Japanese man trying some of the candy I have written about in this blog. I personally found it hilarious and I hope that you will find it funny too.

Youtubeで「runnyrunny999 candies from Denmark」を検索したら面白いビデオが出てくるよ!そのビデオにはこのブログで説明したお菓子が登場していて、日本人の男性が感想を言っています。このビデオは僕にとってはとっても面白いので、皆さんもぜひ観てくださいね。

Danish food and candy popular in Denmark