Joel’s Farewell


Hello everyone, my name is Joel (Jojo) and I have been teaching at Yurakucho school since July 2016. I have had the privilege of being able to spend time with, and teach, a lot of you here at Linguage. I have many amazing memories here at Yurakucho. I loved having fun at our events together (Australia Night, Christmas Party etc.), I loved sharing great conversations and stories with you at the free talk table and I loved teaching you all. I hope, that in some way, I have helped you understand English, or at least encouraged you to keep studying and practicing.


From the 13th of May I will be moving to our school in Shibuya. I will still be working for Linguage, and we might have the chance to meet at future “shared events” like Halloween. I would like to come back and visit Yurakucho school when I have the time, so I am looking forward to having some nice conversations with you at the free talk table.


So once more I would like to thank all the students at Yurakucho. Thank you for the time and effort you put into joining events and using the free talk table, thank you for being our friends as well as our students. In my final week, I received some farewell gifts and I am so grateful for the notion. Thank you Yasuko for the lovely book you made, and thank you everyone who wrote inside. It will always remind me of how special and sweet our Yurakucho students truly are. So finally, my desire is that all students will enjoy using English: to make new friends, explore new countries, broaden their horizons and chase their dreams. Thanks for the memories and Godspeed on your journeys ahead.
Best Wishes,


Joel’s Farewell