Commonly Used Idioms ~よくつかう慣用句~

今日はTimが書いてくれた慣用句 “Time flies” と “Hit the books”を紹介します!

Time Fliesってどういう意味??


“Can you believe it’s already February? It seems like just the other day it was New Years!”

“I know! Time flies!”
(そうだね!Time flies!)

もう3月ですよ、信じられますか。お正月は昨日のように思えます。Time flies!

Have you ever heard anybody use this phrase? “Time flies” is used when you are surprised that time went by so quickly. It could be used when you are working very diligently and then before you know it, it’s time to go home.
(この表現を聞いたことありますか。Time fliesとは時間があっという間に経った感じがする時に使います。勤勉に勉強したり働いたりして、あっと言う間に時間になった場合にも使えます。)


“What time is it?” (今何時?)

“It’s 6:00pm.” (六時だよ)

“Wow, already!?” (もう!?)

“Yea I know! Time flies when you are busy!” (うん、そうだよ!一生懸命働いている時はTime fliesだね!)

Or when you are having so much fun and don’t realize that time went by so fast. In your next lesson, try to see if you can use this phrase correctly.

Hit the booksってどういう意味???


“We have our final exams next week.”

“I know, it`s time to hit the books!”
(そうだよ、hit the booksの時間だよ!)

If you are a college student, you will probably hear this phrase often. It means to study very hard. It DOES NOT mean to hit books physically.


次のレッスンの前にしっかりと`Hit the books` してきて下さいね(^^)/

Commonly Used Idioms ~よくつかう慣用句~


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